Jeff Wayne War Of The Worlds (Double Vinyl) [Import]

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Track Listings
Disc 1
1The Eve of the War (Feat. Richard Burton and Justin Hayward)
2Horsell Common and the Heat Ray (Feat. Richard Burton)
3The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine
4Forever Autumn (Feat. Richard Burton and Justin Hayward)
5Thunder Child (Feat. Richard Burton and Chris Thompson)
Disc 2
1The Red Weed (Part 1) [feat. Richard Burton]
2The Spirit of Man (Feat. Richard Burton, Phil Lynott & Julie Covington)
3The Red Weed (Part 2) [feat. Richard Burton]
4The Artilleryman Returns
5Brave New World (Feat. Richard Burton & David Essex)
6Dead London (Part 1) [feat. Richard Burton]
7Dead London (Part 2) [feat. Richard Burton]
8Epilogue (Part 1) [feat. Richard Burton]
9Epilogue (Part 2) [NASA]

  • Released: 01/26/2018
  • Genre: Pop
  • Rock & Pop: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Import: Import