Black Flag Annihilate This Week (Vinyl)

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Black Flag: Henry Rollins (vocals), Greg Ginn (guitar), Kira (bass), Anthony Martinez (drums).
Black Flag (Punk): Henry Rollins (vocals); Greg Ginn (guitar); Kira Roessler (bass guitar); Anthony Martinez (drums).
This SST EP captures Black Flag in three intense live moments. Henry Rollins sounds enraged, and the band teeters constantly on the verge of musical collapse. Although true fans will still insist that Black Flag had sold out long before this EP, you couldn't tell it by listening to their lean and hungry sound here. The original EP has an amusing drug paraphernalia-infested cover that would be banned by some record stores today, but which flew by with few ripples somehow in 1986. ~ Jeff Crooke

  • RSD Release Date: n/a
  • Rock & Pop: Pop
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Punk
  • Released: 10/17/1990